Upgrade Complete


It’s been a while since I was able to do anything constructive, but my new computer is gonna be delivered on Thursday.
Excited is not the word.

The design process on the civ5 mod will resume, as well as some rudimentary development and testing.
Hopefully progress will be swift!

now to find that windows 8 install disc


A Familiar Feeling


The learning to mod was going well, and the design process for the tiles mod was pretty strong (I’ll spare the details).

The time for implementation came around, and all of a sudden there were snags; a lack of familiar with the IDE, and issues with the XML not working as I intended it to.
Running into the same old wall isn’t fun. Being stopped by the same old wall is infuriating, but I simply can’t find the time to get into the research needed.

And another setback that gives me less time than hoped: I recently injured my knee, and any kind of moving is tiring as all Hell.
Getting home from work normally results in me going straight to bed and resting for the morrow’s ordeal.

Hopefully the research will get done, and there will be some positive progress soon, and not just design progress!

A Brave New World


Blog post number one, about project number one, in an entirely new field for me as a person and professional.

… it feels tingly.

But, on to the serious stuff!
I’ve decided to start dabbling in some modding for Sid Meier’s Civilization V. Writing up XML pages and Lua scripts can be challenging, especially when there is a lot I don’t know about the inner workings of the engine, but I’m managing to make a fair amount of progress.

For now, the project is a mod that almost completely revamps the current tile improvement system, allowing for the user to build a new set of improvements that range from pure single-yield chains with low gains to initially costly dual-yield chains that cover most of the basic city statistics.
(Let’s face it, a trading post providing production makes sense; people would be busy around trading areas, and it would be easier for the traders to create their wares where they can sell them.)

Each chain can be started off with an initial building, that the worker can place on the relevant tiles, that steadily progresses to more rewarding improvements that will have varying rewards for the strategic city-planner.

Mom’s the word! In infancy, I’m struggling with writing in an improvement that replaces one of the vanilla sets and actually appears in game, so this is far from complete. I’ll be keeping this blog posted!